Want More Customers In Your Store? Get A Sidewalk Sign.

Do you know how many potential customers walk or drive past your business every single day? I would guess hundreds, maybe even thousands. Wouldn?t you love to have some of those potential customers stop, come in your store and spend some money?

Ok so here?s what you need to do. First sit down and come up with the best deals you can think of. People love feeling like they are getting a great deal. Once you have come up with a few great deals, go and purchase a sidewalk sign to advertise those deals on.

Simply place the sidewalk sign in front of your business and watch your walk ins start to increase. Sidewalk signs are affordable and effective. They will bring more customers in your store.

Here?s the deal. As people pass by your store everyday while they go about their business they are not going to remember the radio spot they heard on the radio or the ad they saw in the paper. The best way to catch their attention is with a sidewalk sign.

When someone sees a great deal being advertised, it is almost second nature to stop and see how they can take advantage of that deal. When people make an unplanned stop that is a great thing for you and your business.

Unplanned stops equal impulse buys and impulse buys equal more money in your pocket. You see, when people shop on impulse they tend to spend more money. No other form of advertising will increase impulse buys like a sidewalk sign will.