Having Fun With Travel Mug Customization

So many promotional product marketing campaigns are all business, business, business. And while marketing is a business venture, it doesn?t have to be so boring and methodical. In fact some of the most successful marketing campaigns employ methods that are light-hearted and fun. Sure, some business break even or perhaps have successful marketing campaigns having doing the ?same old? travel mug promotional product marketing strategies, but the best ?push the envelope? and bring in business with character and style. While there are many ways to have fun while promoting a business or organization through promotional product marketing here are several ways that have a history of success.

Make them laugh. Despite its reputation of being silly and unprofessional, laughter is an important part of building relationships. People are attracted to funny slogans, titles, sayings and pictures. When it comes to promotional product, companies need to create products that are going to grab attention and what better way to do that then to make people laugh. Most humor is situational, so use the travel mug as a way to relate to the audience. Make slogans that have coffee jokes like ?Coffee Freak Coming Through? or ?Please Don?t Talk to Me Unless I?ve Had my Coffee?. These jokes are light-hearted and hopefully get some laughs.

Impress the audience. Impressing an audience is mostly done through design. Choosing the right travel mug is the first step and the choice should be made based on aesthetic appeal and overall quality of the product. Next, put a fun custom design on the product whether it is a multi-color design or a slick look with leather wraps and stainless steel trim. Custom designs on travel mugs show a company?s creativity and understanding of design.

Be Bold. Travel mugs have prime exposure because they are carried from home to the office and on errands so make sure everyone who views the product get a good message. Often times it works to have a question printed on the travel mug like ?Are you Looking for a Car?? or a positive message about the company like ?We Support Out Local Community? .People respect directness, especially from those trying to sell products or services, so be direct and have fun with promotional product marketing.